Bicycle lanes

South Australia has about 430,000 bicycle riders of all ages and abilities. They are legally allowed to use our roads.

Bicycle lanes make road travel safer and more predictable for everyone - bicycle riders, motorists and pedestrians.

Bicycle lane appearance and locations

Bicycle lanes run alongside kerbs or next to parking lanes.

They are indicated by painted lines, bicycle symbols and bicycle lane signs, or the word 'lane' painted in white. Some bicycle lanes (or sections of lanes) are painted green.

Use the Cycle Instead online Journey Planner or download the Bikedirect cycling maps to find the locations of bike lanes as well as shared paths, greenways and bicycle boulevards in metropolitan Adelaide.

Hours of operation

Some bicycle lanes operate around the clock. Others operate only during peak travel times (as specified on the signs) to allow parking for local businesses and residents.

Rules for drivers

It is illegal to park or stop your vehicle in a bicycle lane, or to drive in a bicycle lane unless:

  • the lane is not in operation at the time
  • you need to stop in an emergency
  • you are crossing the bicycle lane to change lanes*
  • you are entering or leaving the road from private property, a parking area or another road*
  • you are overtaking a vehicle turning right or making a U-turn*
  • you are avoiding an obstruction*
  • you are driving a bus or a taxi that is picking up or dropping off passengers.

*When crossing or turning into a bicycle lane, drivers can only travel in the lane for 50 metres and must watch for and give way to bicycle riders.

Bicycle riders are allowed to move out of the bicycle lane to avoid an obstruction or to overtake another rider.

Rules for bicycle riders

Watch for motorists and ride within the bicycle lane unless you need to avoid an obstruction or overtake another rider.

When riding abreast of another rider, you must both be within the bicycle lane.

Rules for pedestrians

Watch for and give way to bicycles when crossing a road with bicycle lanes.

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