Seatbelts and child restraints

Wearing seatbelts is compulsory, not a choice, and seatbelt and child restraint laws apply in South Australia.

Drivers must ensure that they and any other passenger in the vehicle are wearing their seatbelt, regardless of their age. However, passengers are still accountable, as both drivers and passengers aged 16 years and over can be fined if they fail to wear a seatbelt.

Child restraint laws are specific about what type of restraint is to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle. Child restraints must match the age and size of the child and always be properly installed and adjusted to fit the child's body.

Wearing a seatbelt can be a life or death decision – both for you and your passengers. Wearing a seatbelt doubles your chances of surviving a serious crash and nothing else offers the same level of crash protection for children as a properly fitted, approved child restraint.

Please visit the mylicence website for more detailed information on seatbelt and child restraint laws.

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Page last updated: 29 January 2016