Checking that a vehicle is registered

All vehicles used on South Australian roads must be registered. If you use an unregistered vehicle on the road you may be committing an offence and may not be covered by a compulsory third party insurance policy.

Heavy penalties apply for driving an unregistered vehicle and uninsured vehicle.

South Australia Police can check a vehicle’s registration status instantly.

How to check that a vehicle is registered

There's a number of quick and easy ways to check if a vehicle is registered. This is of particular importance if you are driving someone else's car. If you are in any doubt as to whether a vehicle is registered or not, it is always advisable to check.

You can check:

Never forget to register your vehicle again

You can sign up to receive email or SMS reminders when your registration is about to expire or has expired by signing up for the eNotice reminder service. You'll still get your registration renewal notice.

You can arrange to pay and renew your registration automatically each month by EzyReg direct debit.


A full list of the expiation penalties that apply can be found in the:

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Page last updated: 25 October 2016