Preparing for RiderSafe advanced training

Make sure you are well prepared before attending the advanced Rider Safe course.

Booking into the course

For information about booking into a course go to Applying for a motorcycle licence.  An advanced Rider Safe course fee applies.

What to bring with you

You may use your own motorbike in the advanced course as long as it is registered, roadworthy and on the list of motorcycles approved for use by learners

If you do not wish to use your own, a motorcycle or scooter and helmet will be provided.

You must bring the following items with you otherwise you cannot participate and will need to make another booking:

  • current photo identification
  • a current learner's permit
  • course payment receipt.

What the course will involve

It is recommended that you have your learner's permit for a minimum of six months before you undertake the advanced training course.

The advanced Rider Safe course is a half-day training session that includes a practical assessment.

During the session, you will learn advanced bike control skills with emphasis placed on road riding skills and traction theory.

If you fail the course, you are allowed two additional attempts at no extra charge.

After successfully completing the advanced course, you can apply for a R-date motorbike licence. Go to Applying for a motorcycle licence for more information.

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Page last updated: 20 May 2015