Retirement housing - information for residents

Retirement village living usually involves significant financial commitment and lifestyle changes.

Information for residents

Download Retirement Villages - information for residents and prospective residents 279.7 KB.

Copies of this booklet are also available from the Retirement Villages team, phone 8204 2425 or 8204 2424.

The booklet covers the following areas:

  • Before moving into a retirement village
    information to help you if you are considering retirement village living, such as what type of village you want to live in and what you can afford on a continuing basis.
  • Your rights and responsibilities
    your rights and responsibilities as a resident and the obligations of retirement village administering authorities.
  • Living in a retirement village
    information about costs and service charges that you need to consider, resident committees and dealing with disputes.
  • Leaving a retirement village
    information relating to leaving a village and to re-licensing of your residence.
  • Organisations to contact for advice
    a list of organisations that can assist you with further information.
  • Retirement Villages checklist
    a checklist to assist you in making a choice about moving into a retirement village.

Fact sheets

Below are some useful fact sheets on retirement village living:

Forms for residents

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