Rights and responsibilities

Living or travelling overseas


Australian citizenship - citizenship status including travel and living overseas, dual citizenship, and revoking citizenship.

Dual nationality - how you qualify and the possible implications if you travel to your other country.

Visas for Australians travelling overseas

Before you travel

Living and working overseas - tips for before you go and after you arrive.

Travel brochures - publications and tips on every aspect of travel for everyone from backpackers to seniors.

Taking care of your health - advice on getting in shape before you leave and staying healthy while you travel.

Insurance - reasons you can't afford to travel uninsured - and case studies to prove it.

Taxation - information about your taxation responsibilities if you work overseas, both for the Australian Tax Office and the country where you will be employed.

Traveller registration - before you leave Australia, register your details so you can be found in an emergency or provided with information.

Travel warnings

Travel advisories - use a region-based directory of countries to check the latest warnings and advice on travel destinations.

Travel bulletins - up-to-date news and warnings on topics ranging from health to road safety, weather and international scams.

Help and advice

Embassies and consulates - where the Australian government is represented overseas and where other nations have representatives in Australia.

Getting help overseas - what the Australian government can—and cannot—do to help you if you get into trouble.

Getting back into Australia - what you need to know about customs and border protection and quarantine regulations.

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