LTO forms online

LTO forms online enables you to access interactive and blank panel forms, in PDF format, suitable for printing and lodgement in the LTO.

Forms online does not generate LTO panel forms relating to land division and entitlement sheets, these are provided in PDF format in the table below.

These forms are used by registered conveyancers and legal practitioners. It is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a registered conveyancer or legal practitioner to ensure you do not create an unintended interest in a property.

LTO panel form standards

You must print all LTO forms in black on A4, white, 80-gsm paper and printed on both sides of the paper. If you do not have access to a duplex printer, use the manual feed option to produce a double-sided copy.

You do not require the Registrar-General's approval to reproduce panel forms in hard copy or digital formats but the Registrar-General may refuse to accept for registration any instrument, annexure sheet or inserted sheet which does not comply with the Registrar-General's LTO panel form standards  109.0 KB.

Guidance notes

You will find guidance notes for most of the forms within LTO forms online which you can access by clicking the 'Agree' button below. These are of a general nature and cannot replace the advice of a legal practitioner or registered conveyancer.

How to access LTO forms online

Access LTO forms online by clicking the 'Agree' button below. This indicates you have read and understood the information provided on this page and agree to comply with the Registrar-General's LTO panel form standards  109.0 KB.

User guide

For step-by-step instructions on the use of this application see the user guide 787.4 KB.

Browser settings

LTO forms online converts your data entries into PDF documents. It does this by displaying the PDF document in a secondary browser window. For security reasons most web browsers have been configured to disallow secondary windows from being automatically displayed. Therefore, in order to use the LTO forms online application your web browser may need to be configured to:

  • trust the site
  • enable Java and JavaScript
  • adjust pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from
  • enable file downloads
  • enable Active Scripting
  • enable the display of mixed content.

Configuring Adobe Reader

Forms online generates PDF documents as part of its main function. Therefore, it is a requirement that Adobe Reader be configured to display the PDF in the browser window.

You can check your Adobe Reader settings by doing the following:

  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. From the 'Edit' menu select the 'Preferences' option.
  3. From the 'Categories' menu highlight the 'Internet' option.
  4. Check the 'Display PDF in browser' option is ticked.
  5. Select 'OK'.

Division forms, entitlement sheets and B2 blank form

The division forms, entitlement sheets and the B2 blank form are editable PDFs no larger than 160KB that can be saved to your local hard drive for recall and update at a later time.

Forms lodged with the LTO must comply with the Registrar-General's LTO panel form standards  109.0 KB

Getting the best out of these forms

These steps will ensure you get the best out of these forms.

  1. Select the required form in the table below and it will open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Save the file to your computer using File>Save As.
  3. Close the web page.
  4. Re-open the form from the saved location. This ensures you will be asked to save the file when you next close the file and thereby not lose any entered information. If you use the form in the web page you will not be asked if you want to save the file and any data in the form will be lost.
  5. Click on the 'Highlight Fields' button near the top right hand corner of the screen to view the areas of the document that can be edited. The editable fields will now be in blue shading.
  6. Click inside a field you need to enter data. You can tab between fields.

Where statements within fields need to be struck through over-type with a row of x's or minus signs. For example xxxxxxxxx or ---------------.

The format of text is pre-set, so font size, type, colour, boldness, underlining and italics can not be adjusted.

Additional consent forms for each type of panel form are available in column 2.


Panel forms

Additional consent forms

Guidance notes

Application to Amend Articles (AA)

B2 15.4 KB


AA 121.0 KB

Amendment of a Strata Plan (A7)

AP 105.7 KB

AP consent  19.2 KB

A7 45.6 KB

Amalgamation of Strata Plans (A8)

SM 98.7 KB

SM consent 38.9 KB

A8 48.6 KB

Deposit a plan of community division (ACT)

ACT 138.9 KB

ACT consent 61.5 KB

ACT 53.2 KB

Amendment to Lot Entitlements (AP2CP)

AP2CP 128.4 KB

AP2CP consent 38.3 KB

AP2CP 158.3 KB

Amendment to Unit Entitlements (AP2SP)

AP2SP 97.6 KB

AP2SP consent 37.9 KB

AP2SP 153.6 KB

Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan (AP3)

AP3 153.7 KB

AP consent 53.1 KB

AP3 47.7 KB

Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan pursuant to development contract (AP4)

AP4 123.9 KB

AP consent 36.8 KB

AP4 44.8 KB

Amendment of a Deposited Community Plan by adding or removing land (AP5)

AP5 145.0 KB

AP consent 40.0 KB

AP5 51.2 KB

Amendment of a Deposited Strata Plan by adding or removing land (AP6)

AP6 144.4 KB

AP consent 41.6 KB

AP6 45.6 KB

Blank form

B2 61.5 KB



Cancellation of a Strata Plan (CS1)

CS1 103.3 KB

CS1 consent 48.7 KB

CS1 39.8 KB

Cancellation of a Community Plan (CS2)

CS2 124.4 KB

CS2 consent 49.5 KB

CS2 40.8 KB

Lodgement for Filing By-law/Scheme Description/Development Contract (LF1)

LF1 19.2 KB


LF1 39.8 KB

Lodgement for Filing of Variation/Amendment of By-laws/Scheme Description/Development Contract (LF2)

LF2 19.3 KB


LF2 60.5 KB

Amalgamation of Allotments (RTA)

RTA 102.0 KB

RTA consent 34.6 KB

RTA 39.8 KB

Deposit of a Plan of Division not lodged under Part 19AB of the RPA

RTD 72.0 KB


RTD 40.1 KB

Deposit of a Plan of Division

RTC 125.0 KB

RTC consent 55.0 KB

RTC 44.7 KB

Deposit of a Plan of Division

RTU 102.8 KB

RTU consent 50.9 KB

RTU 38.6 KB

Amalgamation of Community Plans (SM2)

SM2 104.9 KB

SM2 consent 37.2 KB

SM2 42.1 KB

Grant of Easement

TG 105.7 KB

TG consent 37.4 KB

TG 128.3 KB

Extinguishment/Variation of Easement

VE 132.3 KB

VE consent 57.1 KB

VE 114.2 KB

Lot entitlement sheet32.8 KB



Community Titles 41.2 KB

Unit Entitlement Sheet 43.5 KB



Strata Titles 39.9 KB

Getting help

For additional assistance using forms online or for an alternative version of a document on this page contact the Lands Titles Office

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LTO Panel form standards 109.0 KB

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