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Licences for property sales data

Value-added reseller (VAR) licences

A value-added reseller (VAR) licence gives the holder permission to use property sales records to create, develop and maintain products they can market as derivative information products - eg for a smartphone application. Up to 59 attributes of data are available for each sale record. No personal details are provided. VAR licences are:

  • non-transferable
  • not exclusive to one party
  • not able to be sub-licensed to another organisation or person.

The data available contains Land Services' property sales records from 1 January 1993. New records are provided to licence holders each week.

A licence will expire on 30 September 2017.

The annual fee for a licence is $155,496 (GST inc) from 1 October 2016 and is payable quarterly in advance. The fee is indexed quarterly from 1 October each year in line with general increases in government fees and charges.

Applying for a VAR licence

Before applying you should read and understand the:

  • terms and conditions of the licence
  • evaluation criteria
  • business rules
  • file specification.

Apply by completing the data licence application form (355.0 KB PDF). For an alternative version of this document contact Land Services.

Contact custom data products for more information or clarification.

The assessment process

An application for a VAR license is initially assessed against the mandatory criteria. Those that successfully pass this step are then further assessed against:

  • the capability criteria
  • referee reports
  • financial assessments
  • a technical data security audit.

If you don't meet the technical audit requirements you may be given a timeframe to remedy any issues identified before being offered a licence. A follow-up audit may be required.

Land Services may ask for additional information to make sure that a full assessment can be undertaken.

Mandatory criteria

To meet the mandatory criteria you must:

  • agree to the terms and conditions of the data licensing agreement
  • agree to pay the CPI indexed licensing fees
  • agree to submit to the technical data security audits
  • provide an adequate response to all of the criteria in the application form.

You will usually be advised about the outcome of the mandatory criteria assessment within five working days.

Capability criteria

To meet the capability criteria you must demonstrate:

  • your experience in the information services market with an emphasis on development and delivery of property information products
  • that you have data security arrangements in place and pass a technical data security audit
  • that your organisation is capable of product development and delivery
  • that you have downstream control of data to end users
  • your privacy plans, policies and practices meet the Australian Privacy Principles that your business is financially viable and has the appropriate insurance in place
  • that your organisation is a reputable organisation
  • that you have adequate internal quality assurance processes
  • that aspects of your application can be confirmed through referee reports
  • the capability to adequately plan and manage development and delivery of product to market.

You will usually be advised of the outcome of a capability criteria assessment within 30 business days.

The final outcome of your application depends on the technical data security audit. There are no estimated time frames for this.

Terms and conditions of a VAR licence

If your application is successful you must execute a data licence agreement that sets out the terms and conditions you must comply with.

These conditions include:

  • paying the quarterly installments of the annual licence fee in advance
  • having the specified general disclosure notices on your derivative products
  • end users must execute a licence agreement that contains the specified government statement
  • having your branding on every derivative product
  • getting approval from Land Services before a new derivative product is released on the market
  • agreeing to have technical data security audits carried out by Land Services at their request and implement any actions required as a result
  • completing and lodging an annual self-assessment compliance report.

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