Rooming, lodging and boarding

Rooming house proprietor responsibilities

Proprietor's responsibilities

You have a responsibility to: 

  • lodge bond money paid by residents with Consumer and Business Services (CBS) within two weeks of receiving the money, or within four weeks if a registered agent manages the property for you. This applies to all bonds received on or after 9 May 2015
  • allow residents the quiet enjoyment of common areas and facilities
  • not interfere with a resident's comfort, peace and privacy
  • ensure residents have access at all times to their room
  • ensure residents have reasonable access to bathroom and toilet facilities
  • ensure the reasonable security of a resident's room and belongings by providing and maintaining locks and any other security devices necessary
  • provide a lockable cupboard or similar in the resident's room to allow them to keep their personal property secure
  • maintain all areas to a reasonable standard unless the property is subject to a housing improvement order from the Housing Safety Authority
  • display a copy of the house rules in a place where residents can see them
  • display a copy of the Residential Tenancies (Rooming Houses) Regulations 1999 where residents can see them
  • provide proper receipts for any money received
  • provide the resident with a copy of any necessary documents, including the rooming house agreement, when they move in
  • provide a copy of the house rules to a resident when they ask unless one has been provided within the last two months
  • provide residents with at least seven days' written notice if you are changing the house rules
  • give the residents at least 14 days' notice of renovations to be carried out in the rooming house.

A proprietor's right of entry

You don't need to give residents notice of when you are entering a common area.

Residents must allow you reasonable access to their room. You must access the resident's room in a reasonable manner and not stay in the room longer than is necessary for the purpose of entry unless the resident agrees. 

Sale of a rooming house

You must notify the residents if you intend to sell the rooming house within 14 days of entering into a sales agency agreement. You must not advertise or show prospective purchasers through the premises until at least 14 days after this notification.  

If you sell the rooming house, you must give the resident written notice of the purchaser's name and the date they are required to start paying rent to the new owner.

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A rooming house proprietor's guide (787.6 KB PDF)

For an alternative version of this document contact Consumer and Business Services.


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