Transfers and relocations

Register for a public housing tenant exchange

You may be able to register for a tenant exchange to swap your home with another public or Aboriginal housing tenant.


Before you can register for a tenant exchange you must meet all of these conditions:

  • you don’t have active, serious and substantiated complaints about disruptive behaviour.
  • you are a current Housing SA tenant
  • your lease agreement is either for five years or more or an ongoing lease agreement
  • you don’t have a debt to Housing SA, or you have maintained a debt repayment arrangement for at least six months before exchanging properties.

How to register

To register for a tenant exchange, complete a tenant exchange registration form (70.4 KB PDF) and return it to Housing SA.

For an alternative version of this document, contact Housing SA.

Finding a house to swap

You can only swap with someone who is also registered for a tenant exchange. A register is available at all Housing SA offices.

You can search the register by suburbs you want to live in or to find people who want to live in your suburb.

The information provided in the register includes:

  • the type of property
  • the number of bedrooms
  • the location
  • details of any special features - eg carport
  • a tenant exchange number.

When you find a property you are interested in you will need to:

1. Contact Housing SA

Contact Housing SA with the tenant exchange number for the property.

Housing SA will give you the contact number for the tenant at that property.

2. Contact the tenant

Contact the tenant to see if they might be interested in swapping with you.

3. View the property

Organise a time for each of you to view the other’s property.

3. Get approval

Once you have found a tenant who wants to swap with you, contact Housing SA for approval.

Housing SA will approve the tenant exchange provided both you and the other tenant meet the  conditions below:

  • the properties are suitable for your households - eg enough bedrooms
  • you are eligible for the properties - eg a single person is eligible for a one or two bedroom property, but not for a house with four bedrooms.

You must be eligible for Aboriginal housing if you are planning to swap to an Aboriginal housing property.

Things to consider

Before you agree to swap properties make sure you are happy with the property’s:

  • size
  • location
  • condition.

You will need to pay:

  • one weeks’ rent as a deposit for the new property
  • water usage charges up to the date you leave at your current property
  • any charges for non-fair wear and tear maintenance on your current property.

You can update or cancel your registration for a tenant exchange at any time by contacting Housing SA.

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