Lease agreements

Same address transfers in public housing

You can apply to have a public housing tenancy transferred to your name if the current tenant:

  • is deceased
  • moves out due to separation or divorce
  • becomes frail and incapacitated, and can't live without daily support.

A court can make a tenancy order assigning the tenancy to someone else's name as part of an intervention order.


You may be eligible to take over the tenancy if you are living in the property and are the tenant's partner and you do not own or part-own any residential properties. 

You may be eligible if you are related to the tenant - eg child of the tenant, and meet all of these criteria:

  • have been registered with Housing SA as living in the house for at least 12 months immediately before you apply
  • meet the eligibility criteria for public housing
  • the tenancy has not been transferred before to a relative.

Aboriginal Housing

If the tenancy is for an Aboriginal housing property, the partner must also provide verification that they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, or meet all these conditions:

  • the partner has custodial care of at least one of the tenant's children
  • the tenant's child will live in the house as a permanent household member from the time the tenancy was transferred to the partner
  • the tenancy will be transferred to the tenant's Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child when they start to receive an independent income.

How to apply

1. Complete application form

Complete a same address transfer form.

2. Complete termination of tenancy form

Where possible, the outgoing tenant should complete a termination of tenancy form (89.9 KB PDF).

If this isn't possible, proof will be required of the tenant's death or where they're incapacitated, their medical condition.

3. Provide proof of income

Provide proof of income for everyone aged 16 and over who will be living with you.

4. Sole beneficiary

If the tenant has died and you are the sole beneficiary of their estate, you will also need to complete and return a sole beneficiary form. This gives Housing SA permission to transfer any credit or debt held in the current tenant's account to your account.

5. Lodgement

Return all the documents to Housing SA.

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