Register for housing

Registration documents

Proof of income and identity

Your proof of income must be less than two weeks old unless you are providing a tax return as proof of your income. Ensure tax file numbers are removed from all documents you provide to Housing SA.

When applying for help paying bond or rent

If you are applying for help paying bond or rent, you need to provide 100 points of identity.

For any other Housing SA service

Your proof of identity must be valid.

You can either provide one form of photographic identity, or two forms of written identity.

Proof of income and identity complete information is on a separate page that can be printed for reference.

Permission for a third party to speak on your behalf

You will need to give permission if you want Housing SA to be able to talk to someone else about your personal information. Housing SA can’t discuss your information with anyone without your consent. If you want a third party – eg child, partner, doctor, to speak to the housing provider about your registration you may complete the appropriate form below.

Release information to an individual

Those in the process of registering for public housing:

Those who are updating their existing registration:

You can cancel any permissions at any time by writing to Housing SA.

Change of circumstances

You should tell your primary contact organisation if your personal or household circumstances change.

Complete a change of circumstances form and return it to your primary contact organisation.

Housing needs test and special circumstances

A professional support worker who is aware of your situation can write a letter of support or assist with conducting a housing needs test to support your public or community housing registration.

People who write letters of support are usually:

  • social workers
  • medical professionals and specialists
  • police
  • community, disability or health workers.

Guidelines for writing support letters (192.8 KB PDF) have been developed to assist support workers to prepare letters of support for you.

The housing needs report form can be initiated by an external support agency and submitted to the relevant agency.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

To ensure the housing is accessed by the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people only, confirmation is required if you indicate on your registration that you want Aboriginal housing.

You must provide confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

  1. Complete a Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent form (100.4 KB PDF)
  2. Apply to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Corporation, Organisation or Community that knows you and will accept your declaration
  3. The forms must be stamped with a Common Seal belonging to an Aboriginal Corporation, Organisation or Community.

Housing SA staff are able to assist you with information on how to obtain Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Housing areas

Public housing maps

You are able to select the area you would prefer to live in.

Maps showing  and  locations of public housing are available to help you decide.

Interactive map

An interactive map for public housing is also available to help you.

Community housing maps

Community housing maps show where community housing is available.

Public housing types

House type



Cottage flats

One storey units in small groups with shared common areas and no private yard.


Group of units, usually two or three storeys with shared common areas and no private yard.

Medium density

One or two storey townhouses with a small yard usually in close proximity to neighbours.


Detached properties with a larger private yard.

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