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Housing offers

This information is for community housing providers staff.

Selecting a new tenant

Community housing providers select new tenants from the Community Housing Customer Register according to:

  • eligibility criteria
  • order of the highest category of need eg Category 1 registrants and registration date.

The provider should not limit selection to registrants for whom they are the primary contact.

Providers planning to offer housing to a registrant should liaise with the primary contact organisation for full information about the registrant’s situation and housing needs.

Volunteer member-tenant managed housing providers must select new tenant from the CHCR according to:

  • eligibility criteria
  • membership obligations and requirements
  • any specific group eligibility and criteria ie is the prospective tenant able to contribute to the management of the organisation
  • the order of the date the registration was received and lodged
  • the level of housing need.

While under the 2006 Funding Agreement it is a requirement that community housing providers have a mandatory bylaw on tenant selection and criteria for membership.

Making an offer of housing

If a registrant has expressed an interest in a particular housing provider on their registration of interest form, they can only be offered properties by that provider. If they have not indicated any preference, they can be offered a property by any provider.They must meet the provider’s eligibility criteria.

Offers of housing can be made verbally or in writing. The offer of housing must be entered on the customer register.

Each provider can set their own date or timeframe that a registrant has to respond to these offers-  eg seven days. If an offer is accepted this must be entered on the customer register.

The process must be completed, this will automatically update the registrant's status to 'housed'.  This prevents other community housing providers contacting customers who are already housed.

If an offer of housing is rejected by a registrant their reasons must be entered on the register- eg location is unsuitable.

Withdrawing an offer of housing

An offer of housing can be withdrawn by a provider. If this happens the reasons must be entered on the register.

An offer can be withdrawn if:

  • the property is unsuitable for the applicant
  • the condition of the property makes it unsuitable
  • the location is unsuitable
  • the property is no longer available to offer.

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