Homelessness Supportive Housing Program

Assessing and selecting nominations

This program aims to help people maintain a tenancy. No one should exit the program into homelessness.

All agencies are expected to work together to achieve this.

Housing SA and Community Housing Providers (CHPs) provide and manage the properties and tenancies under this program.

Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) provide ongoing support and case management to the client throughout their tenancy.

The housing provider managing a property is responsible for:

  • advertising the property for nominations
  • organising a nomination assessment panel
  • allocating and managing both the property and tenancy in line with the Homelessness Supportive Housing guidelines (248.9 KB PDF) and their organisation’s own policies
  • actively collaborating with the client’s support workers to achieve the aims of the program, and helping the client maintain their tenancy.

Advertising a vacant property

When a property under the program becomes vacant, you:

  • organise a nomination assessment panel
  • complete and email a vacancy advertisement (119.7 KB DOCX) to the vacancy advertisement distribution list, available from Housing SA Homelessness
  • answer any questions that agencies may have about the property and a client’s suitability for the property
  • collate all the nominations for the property and give them to the panel.

Assessing nominations

The panel assesses nominations received to determine who to offer the property to, in line with the Homelessness Supportive Housing guidelines.

The panel consists of representatives from the following:

  • Housing SA regional office
  • Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS)
  • Community Housing Provider (CHP), if they are the managing the property.

Nominations are scored using the assessment matrix (767.5 KB XLS), considering a client’s:

  • eligibility for the program
  • vulnerability - eg level and complexity of support they require
  • health or social issues that significantly impact their ability to secure or maintain other forms of accommodation.

Complete the vacancy panel report (120.4 KB DOCX)

The client with the highest score will be offered the property, except if either:

  • the risks associated with housing the client in the property outweigh the benefits, and these risks can’t be managed through case management or ongoing support
  • other support pathways are available to the client.

The person managing the property:

  • completes the vacancy panel report and returns it to Housing SA Homelessness
  • contacts the agencies that nominated clients to tell them of the outcome
  • tells the successful client's agency if any paperwork or other documentation is required - eg proof of income and identity
  • organises a pre allocations conference
  • houses the successful client within two weeks from the date of the panel’s decision.

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