LTO Fee Calculator

About the Lands Titles Office (LTO) Fee Calculator

The LTO Fee Calculator can be used to calculate the fees required for the lodgement of plans and documents with the LTO.

You can input multiple documents and plans. A fee summary will show the calculation for each document and plan as well as the total fees payable.

Guidance notes are available from within the application for each document and plan type.

For help using the LTO Fee Calculator contact the LTO.

Payment methods

LTO fees are paid at the time of lodgement of the applicable plans or documents at the LTO. Acceptable methods of payment of these fees are:

  • cash
  • money order
  • cheque - made payable to Lands Titles Office or Land Services Group
  • Revnet - paid through RevenueSA.

Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Access the LTO Fee Calculator

LTO Fee Calculator - Enter.

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