Property Location Browser

The Property Location Browser (PLB) is a free map-based application. It can be used to view land administration boundaries and to get information about the ownership of land including:

  • plan references
  • parcel numbers
  • certificates of title
  • dual names
  • valuation numbers
  • addresses
  • links to SAILIS.

Do not rely on PLB data and maps for any purpose other than to get these property details. Access primary land administration data through SAILIS.

The map and image are only a general representation. Spatial accuracy is not guaranteed.

Access the Property Location Browser (PLB)

Enter the PLB


The PLB is available 8.00 am to 8.00 pm each business day. It may not be available during weekends or public holidays. You can link to SAILIS once you have found a parcel of land in the PLB.

Getting help

User guidelines 1.2 MB
Frequently asked questions 17.8 KB

If you need additional assistance using the PLB contact Land Services.

Computer and system requirements

The PLB is compatible with a range of browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (a minimum of version nine is recommended)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari.


Issue: PLB is not working

If you are experiencing any issues you may need to refresh your page by selecting Ctrl F5 on your keyboard.

Issue: Unable to print

This could be related to pop-up blockers enabled on your web browser which are used to prevent advertisements appearing on websites.

  • you may find that some web browsers have automatically enabled this feature
  • you will need to add the PLB web browser address to your trusted website list in your browser
  • a warning message will then be displayed instructing you to enable pop-up for PLB
  • you can configure your browser to allow a specific web site to be exempted from being blocked.

If you are still experiencing problems:

Phone: 8226 3983 (country callers 1800 648 176)


Place names search

All place names information contained in the State Gazetteer is now accessible from the PLB.

A simple search of a name using the PlaceNames option under the Find button will produce a result on the screen showing the locations of all features meeting the search criteria.

A report, in either PDF or HTML format, showing all the attribute fields from the State Gazetteer for any particular feature can be obtained. From the Report button select the Table and Map reports option, then select the printer icon alongside the associated feature and follow the prompts to select the output required.

Spatial improvement

Land Services are progressivley improving spatial deliniation of land parcels on the PLB.

Shift vectors are now available to help align administrative layers to the state's spatially improved Digital Cadastre Data Base (DCDB).

The shift vector information provides access to:

  • shift vector data
  • information on the use of shift vectors
  • a proposed schedule for the spatial improvement process and subsequent delivery of shift vectors.

For more information on shift vectors contact Land Services.

Base map bulk data extracts 

Mapland sells a range of products from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) data, mapping and aerial photography library.  For a list of these products please view the price list.

If your request is regarding Digital Cadastre Data Base (DCDB) extracts, aerial imagery or customised mapping, please contact Mapland for more detailed pricing. 

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The Property Location Browser brochure 1.1 MB

For an alternative version of a document on this page contact Land Services.

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Page last updated: 20th August 2015