PIERS Online

The Plan Index Enquiry and Retrieval System (PIERS) Online provides images of survey plans. Plans can be viewed, printed or sent to an email address. 

A reduced pixel view is provided free of charge, to allow an image to be previewed before purchasing. The reduced pixel view will show:

  • street names
  • plan number
  • allotment number.

PIERS Online provides:

It does not include filed plans numbered 100,000 and above.


PIERS Online is always available subject to system and data update requirements. For assistance during business hours contact PropertyAssist Services.

Information for public users

Public users log on as a 'guest' and pay for transactions by credit card before receiving the plan (MasterCard and Visa are accepted).

Information for account customers

Account Customers use their PropertyAssist username and password to log in. To become an account customer or for details on how to manage your account see Land Services Group accounts.

Information for first time users

The first time you log on to PIERS Online, as either as a guest user or as an account customer, there are a number of steps required to load it to view, print and save plan images.

1. Click on the 'Go PIERS Online' button

The page that appears explains the requirements. It won't appear the next time you start if you leave the check box ticked.

2. Click on the 'Launch PIERS' button

PIERS will start loading. For some internet browsers, you will need to adjust the pop-up blocker settings to allow pop-ups from the site.

3. Click on the 'continue' link in the 'Conditions on use of PIERS data' box

You must agree to the conditions of use each time you use PIERS. If you don't agree to the conditions PIERS will not load.

4. The first time this page is opened, a viewer application is down loaded to your PC

This will allow you to view, print and save plan images. This may take up to two minutes to download if you are using a dial-up internet connection. When the download is complete, a window labelled 'Security Warning' will appear to prompt you to install the viewer.

5. Click 'Yes' or 'Run' to install the viewer

This will complete the loading process. There should be a line of greyed-out icons below the print visible button. These indicate that the viewer has been installed successfully.

If you are unable to install the image viewer you can still use the 'email me this search' link to get full resolution images.

Customer reference

A customer reference is an option mainly used by account customers to allocate different purchases to individual clients.

You set your own customer reference in the main plan viewing window using the 'set customer reference' link provided. This reference is used to record your purchases. Once your reference is set, it will be recorded with all your subsequent purchases until you change to a new reference.

Getting help

A help link is available on the site. This will assist you in using the search facilities and downloading images. For more information on the terms used in PIERS Online see Glossary of property terms.

Plan types

Use the Property Location Browser (PLB) to look up plan numbers to view on PIERS Online. The table below matches the code shown on PLB to the plan name used in PIERS Online.

PLB example
PIERS enquiry
PIERS plan type PIERS search reference
C C12345 Plan Order Community Plan 12345
D D1234 A12
D1234 B13
Plan Order Deposited Plan 1234
F* F1234 Plan Order Filed Plan 1234
G G123/1895 A1 Plan Order GRO Plan 123/1895
H H160400 S12
H160400 B13
Hundred / Parcel Hundred name - eg Moorooroo 12
R R1234 A1 Plan Order Road Plan 1234
S S1234 Plan Order Strata Plan 1234
T T240201 A93 Govt. town / Allot Town name -eg Jamestown 93
T T105101 T644 Govt. town / Allot City of Adelaide 644

*Filed plan numbers of 100,000 or greater cannot be viewed on PIERS Online. You can order them through PropertyAssist's product ordering function.

Log on to PIERS Online

PIERS Online - log on

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