Cadastral Survey Guidelines (CSG)

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Contents, index and contacts

Contents 111.6 KB
Index 128.4 KB
Contacts 75.8 KB

Section 1 - Introduction and Surveyor-General's directions

Introduction and Surveyor-General's directions 79.5 KB
Surveyor-General's direction one 76.7 KB
Surveyor-General's direction two 94.8 KB
Surveyor-General's direction three 83.8 KB
Surveyor-General's direction four 90.6 KB
Surveyor-General's direction five 24.3 KB

Section 2 - The geodetic network

The geodetic network 215.3 KB
Tertiary network error report (form) 29.1 KB

Section 3 - Statutory provisions

Statutory provisions 31.2 KB

Section 4 - Survey principles and case law rulings

Survey principles and case law rulings 381.1 KB

Section 5 - The coordinated cadastre

The coordinated cadastre 137.3 KB
Designated survey areas index 226.7 KB
Designated survey areas index in numerical order including date of operation and link to DSA maps

Section 6 - Confused boundary areas

Confused boundary areas 172.6 KB

Section 7 - Occupation

Occupation 162.8 KB

Section 8 - Crown lands and crown tenures survey policy

Crown lands and crown tenures survey policy 229.3 KB 

Section 9 - Searching

Searching 148.5 KB
Report an error to property location browser or survey mark searching (form) 31.1 KB
Report an error in SAILIS plan image searching (form) 27.0 KB

Section 10 - Calibration of surveying equipment

Calibration of surveying equipment 207.7 KB
Mawson Lakes EDM base pillar locations and access map 349.8 KB
Mawson Lakes EDM base field notes 17.5 KB
Baseline software manufacturer's specifications for EDM instruments 1.1 MB

Section 11 - Historical survey marking practices

Historical survey marking practices 205.9 KB
Extracts from Handbook for Government Surveyors by C H Harris 599.9 KB
Summary of historical marking practices 112.0 KB

Section 12 - Natural boundaries

Natural boundaries 304.7 KB

Section 13 - Survey accuracies

Survey accuracies 118.0 KB

Section 14 - Marking requirements for surveys

Marking requirements for surveys 414.6 KB
Notification of final marking (form) 86.0 KB

Section 15 - Connection to previous surveys

Connection to previous surveys 166.7 KB

Section 16 - Field notes

Field notes 84.7 KB

Section 17 - Survey reports

Survey reports 152.8 KB
Certified survey plan checklist 171.5 KB

Section 18 - Audit surveys and rectifications

Audit surveys and rectifications 228.7 KB

Section 19 - Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous 106.2 KB


Amendments schedule 205.0 KB

EDM calibration software (Mawson Lakes base calibrated December 2015)

EDM calibration software 3.4 MB

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Survey searching guide 595.3 KB


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