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The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) is a South Australian government initiative that requires energy retailers to help households and businesses save on energy use and costs, and lower their greenhouse gas emissions.

To do this, energy retailers need to meet energy efficiency and audit targets that have been set for them. Retailers with a large number of residential customers are set additional targets that ensure a certain amount of the energy savings activities they do are delivered to low-income households.

The REES is administered by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).

What services are available

South Australian households and businesses may be able to receive free or discounted energy efficiency activities from energy retailers participating in the REES.

Common activities include:

  • installing water efficient shower heads, to help save water heating costs
  • installing energy efficient lighting
  • providing stand-by power controllers.

You may be eligible for a free home energy audit if you:

  • hold a Commonwealth Government pensioner concession card
  • hold a TPI Gold Repatriation Health Card
  • hold a War Widows Gold Repatriation Health Card
  • hold a Gold Repatriation Health Card (EDA)
  • hold a Health Care Card (including a Low Income Health Care Card)
  • receive the South Australian government energy concession
  • are part of an energy retailer’s hardship program.

Getting REES services

You can contact any of the REES obliged retailers or third-party contractors to find out what energy savings activities may be available for your home or business, not just the retailer currently supplying your energy services.

REES activities and targets can differ between retailers. You can call multiple retailers/contractors to see who is able to help you.

If you have received a particular REES activity, eg a water efficient shower head, you will not be eligible for it again. You may be able to receive a different REES activity, such as LED light globes. Speak to a REES contractor to see what your options are.

The REES obliged retailers have nearly completed the 17,000 energy audits allocated to them for 2015-2017 as part of the REES scheme. Once they have met their allocations, they are not obliged to offer audits to households, though they may still choose to do so. To find out if you can access an audit, contact each of the different REES obliged retailers or third-party contractors, as availability may differ between contractors.

Targets for REES energy audits for 2018-2020 are currently being developed, so energy audits for priority group households will continue to be available under the scheme.

You can do your own home energy audit by borrowing a Home Energy Toolkit from your local public library.

Door-to-door REES offers

If a person comes to your home or business and offers you a REES energy efficiency activity or REES audit, they must identify themselves to you by:

  • their name and photographic identification
  • the provider's full name
  • the full name of the company that they are representing (including ABN)
  • a contact telephone number of the company that they are representing.

Once they have completed energy saving activities or an audit in your home or business, they must give you a written information statement that:

  • provides the name and contact details of the person or entity that performed the energy audit or energy efficiency activity
  • describes the energy audit and/or energy efficiency activity undertaken in your home or business
  • notes that the energy audit or energy efficiency activity will count towards satisfying an obliged retailer's obligations under the REES
  • clearly outlines the dispute resolution process if you are not satisfied with the audit or activity.

Making a complaint

If you have a problem with a REES provider, the first step is to try and resolve it with them directly. If you can’t resolve the dispute, or you weren’t given your REES provider’s details, you can lodge a complaint with ESCOSA by calling 8463 4444 or emailing

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