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Plumbing certificates of compliance

The plumbing certificates of compliance are legal documents required under the Water Industry Act 2012.

Plumbing certificates of compliance are used by the plumbing industry to verify that plumbing and equipment (including water services, sanitary plumbing and drainage systems), comply with the Water Industry Act 2012 and/or the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, including regulations and standards as applicable.

The plumbing certificate of compliance also verifies that the work falls within the terms of the plumbing contractor's licence and the plumbing worker's registration.

Correctly completed certificates of compliance benefit plumbing contractors and plumbing workers by enabling them to:

  • certify that the plumbing work and equipment as documented on the certificate complies with the requirements under the Water Industry Act 2012 and SA Public Health Act 2011
  • specify exactly what plumbing work has been carried out to distinguish it from work done by others.
  • assures the customer that the plumber is licensed or registered to perform the work that they have completed.

Only people with an appropriate licence can legally fill out the plumbing certificate of compliance. Refer to the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995 for details about the requirements for a person to hold an appropriate licence or registration.

Electronic certificates of compliance (eCoCs) may be used in place of paper certificates of compliance, which will be discontinued on 30 June 2018.

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Penalties for not issuing a plumbing certificate of compliance

Penalties for not issuing a plumbing certificate of compliance include warnings, expiation notices, disciplinary interviews, and potential legal action under the Water Industry Act 2012.

Certificate of compliance books

Paper certificates of compliance will be discontinued on 30 June 2018. From 1 July 2018, plumbers must use electronic certificates of compliance.

Books of plumbing certificates of compliance contain 50 certificates in quadruplicate and are available to licensed plumbing contractors and can be obtained in person from Service SA Customer Service Centres.

Distributing plumbing certificates of compliance

Copy 1: Office of the Technical Regulator's copy (original)

This copy must be provided to the Office of the Technical Regulator within seven days of completing the work.

Copy 2: Customer's copy

The second copy must be provided to the owner/occupier of the property where the plumbing work was carried out within seven days of completing the work.

Copy 3: Council/Department for Health and Ageing's copy

The third copy must be provided to the relevant council or the South Australian Department for Health and Ageing as applicable within 28 days of completing the work.

Copy 4: Plumbing contractor's copy

The fourth copy must be retained by the licensed plumbing contractor for not less than five years. Contractors may be required to show this copy as part of a technical and safety audit by the Office of the Technical Regulator.

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