Home education

In South Australia compulsory school aged children, must be enrolled in and attend a school.

Parents or guardians can take the legal responsibility to educate their children at home.

There is no formal provision for home education, however a student can be exempted from the attending a school by the Minister for Education.

Before you can apply

Before you can apply to home school your child, you must meet the following requirements:

  • the student is aged between 6 and 17 years
  • the student must be enrolled at a South Australian school
  • parental consent must be provided:
    • by the natural parents or legal guardians as applicants
    • both natural parents must provide their contact details and signed consent
    • a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be provided
    • guardians need to provide copies of Guardianship Orders
    • a copy of the death certificate, if a parent is deceased
    • a copy of the court order mandating sole parental responsibility for a child.

How to apply

Parents who want to home educate must enrol their child at a school and then apply for an exemption from attendance.

For an application pack, please contact the Home Education Unit via email at with your:

  • full name
  • postal address
  • phone number
  • email address.

What else you’ll need

You will need to show evidence of your ability to provide:

  • an Australian Curriculum aligned learning program appropriate to the needs and ability of the child, including strategies to monitor student progress and achievement
  • adequate resources to support the learning program
  • a suitable learning environment
  • opportunities for social interaction.

Information about the eight learning areas of the Australian Curriculum which need to be addressed can be found at

The Australian Curriculum should be modified and adapted for students with learning difficulties and special needs.

Sign and return your application

Complete the application form and sign it. Attach the supporting documentation and mail it to:

Manager, Home Education
Office for Education
Level 6 Education Centre
GPO Box 1152
Adelaide SA 5000

What happens next

Once we have received your application a Home Education Officer will contact you to arrange a home visit to discuss and assess your application.

Students need to be present during the home visit.

How long will it take?

The Home Education Office aims to arrange the home visit within four weeks of receiving your application. If you live in a rural or remote location this may take longer.

In the interim, you can request a four-week temporary exemption from the principal of your school.

Following the home visit the Home Education Officer will provide a written report and recommendation to the Director, Systems Improvement for approval.

If your application is successful, an exemption of around 12 months is usually granted.

Monitoring Home Education

An annual review is required to monitor educational development and renew exemptions.

Other options

If you are seeking a distance education program through the Open Access College (OAC), please check whether your child meets the OAC enrolment criteria.

If your child cannot access school due to medical issues, your school will need to make a referral to OAC.

If considering a SACE pathway for senior secondary-age students (16+ years), please note that only formal educational institutions such as schools, TAFE, and colleges can provide this pathway.


For further enquiries, contact the Manager Home Education on 8226 1327 or email at

Please note the best time to call is on a Monday or Friday as Home Education Officers generally conduct home visits from Tuesday to Thursday.

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