Vehicle registration

Pay vehicle registration by direct debit

Light vehicle, motorbike, trailer and caravan owners can can enrol for direct debit online through an mySA GOV account to pay for their vehicle registration using automated monthly direct debit payments.

Your vehicle must have at least one month of registration remaining at the time you nominate for direct debit.

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How payments are made

Registration payments are taken from a nominated bank account or Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card, with SMS or email reminders sent before the direct debit is due so you can make sure there are enough funds in the account.

Under the direct debit system:

  • You can arrange for direct debit and change your details online.
  • Once enrolled, payments will be taken from the nominated bank account or credit card at monthly intervals.
  • You will be able to nominate your car, motorbike, caravan or light trailer as long as it is currently registered and has at least one month's registration remaining.
  • SMS or email reminders will be sent before the direct debit to ensure sufficient funds are available.
  • Vehicle registration will be renewed for one month with each monthly payment.
  • A registration certificate will be made available electronically through the customer portal.
  • If the payment fails for any reason, including insufficient funds, you'll receive an SMS or email so that you have time to make the payment before the registration expires.
  • Customers who don't have sufficient funds in the nominated account on two consecutive occasions may be removed from the scheme and advised in writing to use an alternative payment channel.
  • Customers whose vehicles become ineligible for registration - eg due to becoming defected or them having outstanding fines - will also be unable to complete the registration transaction until those matters are rectified.

The total annual registration fee is the same for monthly direct debit and three-monthly payments. Paying the full amount once a year is slightly cheaper.

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