Children in state care

Government response to the Commission of Inquiry Report

The South Australian Government tabled its initial response to the Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry report in Parliament on 17 June 2008. The government has subsequently tabled an implementation report and five annual progress reports in Parliament.

Fifth annual progress report (Nov 2013) 787.1 KB

Fourth annual progress report (Nov 2012) 469.2 KB

Third annual progress report (Nov 2011) 471.6 KB

Second Annual Progress Report (Nov 2010) 428.1 KB 

First Annual Progress Report (Nov 2009) 398.9 KB 

SA Government Response (June 2008) 160.6 KB

Implementation Statement (September 2008) 229.4 KB

Commission of Inquiry Report (Children in State Care)

Copies of the Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry report are available free of charge from the Department for Education and Child Development.

WARNING: This report deals with allegations of abuse of children while in state care and in places contains graphic details which may be distressing.

Complete Report 2.7 MB

Introduction 489.6 KB
Chapter 1 - Approach and conduct of the Inquiry 190.5 KB
Chapter 2 - Statistics 48.3 KB
Chapter 3 - Allegations of sexual abuse - Introduction 41.2 KB
3.1 Institutional care 484.0 KB
3.2 Smaller group care 243.9 KB
3.3 Residential care units 124.7 KB
3.4 Foster care 287.8 KB
3.5 Family home 122.1 KB
3.6 Secure care 209.1 KB
Chapter 4 - State response 659.4 KB
Chapter 5 - Deaths of children in State care 492.6 KB
Chapter 6 - Keeping adequate records 145.0 KB

Audio Transcripts

List of recommendations 5.8 MB
Summary 9.2 MB

Previous Reports

Interim Report (12 May 2005) 630.4 KB
2nd Interim Report - as to a particular matter (28 October 2005) 317.3 KB
CISC list of issues upon which the Commissioner seeks submissions (15 February 2007) 164.8 KB


Anyone requiring counselling can phone Relationships Australia post-care services on 1800 188 118.

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