Community Visitor Scheme

The Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) is an independent statutory scheme that visits and inspects:

  • acute mental health facilities
  • emergency departments of hospitals
  • disability accommodation
  • supported residential facilities (SRFs).

The scheme is there to protect the rights of people experiencing an acute mental illness, and those with disability who live in a disability accommodation facility or a supported residential facility (SRF).

The CVS have the same powers as a health inspector and can advocate to help resolve issues and improve service responses.

Disability Community Visitor Scheme

The Disability Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) exists to protect the rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities who live in disability accommodation or in Supported Residential Facilities (SRFs).

Mental Health Community Visitor Scheme

The Mental Health Community Visitor Scheme exists to provide further protection to the rights of people with a mental illness who are admitted to treatment centres in South Australia.

Role of community visitors

Community visitors:

  • perform regular (and on request) visits and inspections of approved mental health treatment centres, disability accommodation and supported residential facilities (SRFs)
  • promote the proper resolution of complaints and advocate for the rights of individuals
  • refer issues of concern to relevant people or agencies, including the Minister for Mental Health, the Minister for Disability, or the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner.

Principal Community Visitor

Community visitors report to the Principal Community Visitor, Maurice Corcoran AM, who:

  • oversees and coordinates the performance of community visitors
  • reports to the relevant Ministers regarding the performance of community visitors' functions.

Any issues or complaints about the scheme should be directed to the Principal Community Visitor in the first instance.

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Advisory Committee Process and Terms of Reference


Community Visitor Scheme
Phone - 1800 606 302 (available from mobile phones and within SA)
Email -

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