South Australian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook

The Recreational Boating Safety handbook is available for download as:

Document link Topics
Contents 1.1 MB Introduction
Common marine terms
Licensing and registration 488.3 KB Boat operator licensing
Motor vessel registration
Hire and drive business licensing
Chapter 1: self check questions
Planning and preparation 767.0 KB Choosing the right boat
Pre-season maintenance
Pre -trip checks
Towing and launching
Post-trip maintenance
Chapter 2: self check questions
Safety on the water 826.9 KB Let someone know
Your duty of care
Boating with children
Speed limits
Loading for stability
Fuelling and fire prevention
Alcohol and drugs
Chapter 3: self-check questions
Safety equipment 4.0 MB Checklists - what you need to know and where
Required safety equipment
Standards and features
Chapter 4. Self-check questions
Weather and other potential hazards 600.0 KB Before you go out
On the water
Chapter 5. Self-check questions
Navigation 1.1 MB The international rules
Anchoring restrictions
Interacting with big ships
Navigating in restricted visibility
Buoys, marks, beacons, signals and signs 2.9 MB Flags to watch for
Buoyage and navigation marks
Signals on vessels
Chapter 7. Self -check questions
Anchoring, mooring and berthing 837.5 KB Anchoring and mooring
Berthing at a wharf or jetty
Chapter 8. Self-check questions
Emergency action 927.5 KB Your obligations
Common situations
Abandoning your vessel
Distress signals
First aid afloat
Search and rescue (SAR)
Towing a vessel
Chapter 9. Self-check questions
Navigating South Australian waters 884.0 KB Local knowledge
Inland waters
Chapter 10. Self-check questions
Special activities 1.2 MB Personal watercraft
Chapter 11. Self-check questions
Protecting the environment 500.5 KB Marine wildlife
Aquatic reserves and marine parks
Avoiding pollution
Historic shipwrecks
Riverbank erosion
Watching our borders
Chapter 12. Self-check questions
Customer service and further information 802.2 KB Service SA customer service centres
For other enquiries
Answers to self-check questions
Index 1.1 MB

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